Baek Ju

Baek Ju 1

Title Member of Bi Yeong Pal Mu
Debut Chapter 10
Gender Female
Hair Silver
Eyes Red

Baek Ju is a young member of Bi Yeong Pal Mu.


One midnight, Baek Ju alongside Baek Ah tails the Crimson Moon and Yi Jeok as the two have stolen the compact hidden in the Prime Minister's residence. While in pursuit, she curls the Crimson Moon's ankle with her lasso and exclaims in catching him. The Crimson Moon then removes the lasso and pulls it towards him then kicks Baek Ju in the face. He then throws a smoke bomb and eventually escapes. As Baek Yoo Shin throws a poisoned heuk rang into the Crimson Moon, she and Baek Ah are ordered to search for him everywhere.[1]


  • Her name means "white spider".


  1. Twelve Nights manhwa; Chapter 10


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