Baek Ryung

Baek Ryung 1

Title Member of Bi Yeong Pal Mu
Debut Chapter 8
Hair Grey
Eyes Silver/Black Sclera
We, Bi Yeong Pal Mu, are your majesty's shadow. As long as you do not call us, we do not appear.

–To Yi Won

Baek Ryung was a member of the Bi Yeong Pal Mu and a personal bodyguard of Yi Won who was usually with him during his excursions.


One night, Baek Ryung was summoned by Yi Won as substitute to an absent member of Bi Yeong Pal Mu to visit Yu Hyang Ru's Nabi.[1]

The next day when Nabi was poisoned, Baek Ryung tells Yi Won to return to the palace for the court meetings, but he reprimands her for letting Nabi leave. She tells him that the Bi Yeong Pal Mu are his shadow and will not appear unless he calls for them. He then tells her that she should be thankful he does not have a sword with him, much to Baek Ryung's nervousness. Left with no choice, they head back to the palace.[2]

During one of his excursions, Yi Won goes to the slums to catch a pickpocket. When he arrives at the site, he encounters Chung's ill brother, Woon, who admires the Crimson Moon so much that he wanted the current emperor to be replaced by the vigilante. Infuriated and insulted, Yi Won calls for Baek Ryung and orders her to call for the Imperial Army to destroy the place. She then leads the army, but loses sight of the emperor that she missed his escape and other things which happened. It is implied that she found him afterwards and accompanied him back to the palace. When they arrived, her captain Baek Yoo Shin notices a wound on the emperor's face and scolds Baek Ryung for her carelessness.[3]

At the gallery, Baek Ryung catches Baek Ho tailing Yi Won and points her weapon at him from behind, asking who he is and what his purpose is for following the emperor. Baek Ho immediately grabs her and flees at once. As the emperor enters the shop, she thinks it will be fine if she leaves the area and catch Baek Ho first, having nothing or no one suspicious in the location. She then flees and follows Baek Ho.[4]

Baek Ryung comes across Yi Won asleep and wakes him up. He asks her if nobody was with him, and tells him that no one was with him when she arrived at the place. She adds that he seem to have "grown wings", making Yi Won think that his "friend" truly exists.[5]


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