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Butterfly is the title of a lullaby that is sung by most members of the Imperial Family of Ga Guk. This is the song which Yi Hwi sung to Dan Ah when they were still children to calm her down since Yi Hwi mentioned that there are "ghosts" in Bi Hwa Rim. Ten years later, Yi Won also sang this lullaby to Dan Ah which shocked her and from then on, thought that the boy she met was Yi Won but was in fact Yi Hwi.


Butterfly, butterfly
Come fly over here.
Along with my heart,
Carry your scent to me.

Once, when the skies are filled with crimson rays,
Once, when the moon completes its cycle and rises,
Butterfly, butterfly, lay your lips upon my cheek as I sleep.

Once, when you're close to tears longing for that one person,
Once when you're about to smile from happiness,
I will turn your fears
Into the wind and cast them into the air,
So that the place where you find
Rest will be in my arms,
And the place where I find rest
Will be with you as well.

I will change your tears into the rain
And erase your sadness,
So lie yourself within my wings.

I will become the rain and protect you
Dream sweet dreams by my side,
Butterfly, butterfly
Come fly over here.

나비, 나비
여기에 날아 가자.
내 마음과 함께,
나에게 당신의 향기를 수행하십시오.

일단, 하늘이 진홍색 광선으로 가득 할 때,
일단, 달의주기를 완료하고 상승 할 때,
잠으로 나비, 나비, 내 뺨에 입술을 누워.

일단, 때, 그 한 사람이 눈물 동경에 가까이있어
일단 당신이 행복의 미소를 가는데,
나는 당신의 두려움을 켜집니다
바람에 공중으로 그들을 캐스팅
그래서 찾은 곳
나머지는 내 팔에있을 것입니다
그리고 난 나머지를 찾을 장소
뿐만 아니라 당신과 함께합니다.

나는 비에 눈물을 바꿀 것
그리고 당신의 슬픔을 삭제,
그래서 내 날개 내 자신을 거짓말.

나는 비를지고 당신을 보호한다
내 옆에 달콤한 꿈을 꿈,
나비, 나비
여기에 날아 가자.

nabi, nabi
yeogie nal-a gaja.
nae ma-eum gwa hamkke,
na-ege dangsin-ui hyang-gileul suhaenghasibsio.

ildan, haneul i jinhongsaeg gwangseon eulo gadeug hal ttae,
ildan, dal ui jugileul wanlyohago sangseung hal ttae,
jam eulo nabi, nabi, nae ppyam e ibsul-eul nuwo.

ildan, ttae, geu han salam-i nunmul dong-gyeong e gakkaiiss-eo
ildan dangsin-i haengbog ui misoleul ganeunde,
naneun dangsin-ui dulyeoum eul kyeojibnida
balam e gongjung-eulo geudeul-eul kaeseuting
geulaeseo chaj-eun gos
nameoji neun nae pal eiss-eul geos-ibnida
geuligo nan nameojileul chaj-eul jangso
ppunman anila dangsingwa hamkkehabnida.

naneun bi e nunmul eul bakkul geos
geuligo dangsin-ui seulpeum eul sagje,
geulaeseo nae nalgae nae jasin-eul geojismal.

naneun bileul jigo dangsin-eul boho handa
nae yeop-e dalkomhan kkum-eul kkum,
nabi, nabi
yeogie nal-a gaja.

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