Reunion (재회, Jaehoe) is Chapter 11 of the Twelve Nights manhwa.


Dan Ah hides Yi Hwi in her chamber for the mean time, despite being nearly caught by her servant. But Yi Jeok suddenly made her unconscious so they can escape the place. As they were about to leave, Yi Hwi notices a pair of red slippers in Dan Ah's room. A flashback appears as a young Yi Hwi tries to get back one of Dan Ah's slippers which were lost in Bi Hwa Rim. When Yi Hwi is about to return Dan Ah's slipper, he notices the sad ambiance at Dan Ah's home since her mother recently died. He just left her slipper nearby and left. Going back to the present time, Yi Hwi is unsure whether the girl she met in the past was Dan Ah because of the red shoes. Yi Hwi's memories and feelings which were kept for a long time ago are now bursting out. He then takes up his role as Nabi, despite being injured and poisoned. A drunk Yi Won approaches Nabi and gets mad for seeing her badly hurt.


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