Shadow Village (그림자가 사는 마을, Geulimjaga Saneun Ma-eul) is Chapter 14 of the Twelve Nights manhwa.


Dan Ah suddenly breaks one of Hong's paintings and Dan Ah confesses that she likes his works. But he still gives her his painting. As the two walk together in the streets, Dan Ah is approached by Ma Mi Song, saying that the army is raiding the slums. The three go to the slums to see what's happening and find the village in fire. While searching for the children, Chung is kicked out of a tent while Woon is being held at the collar by Yi Won. A few hours earlier, Yi Won picks up the medicine from Physician Ma and is on his way to Ju Wah Ae Rim to see Nabi. Suddenly, Chung snatches away the medicine to give it to his younger brother Woon who is sick.


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