Same Bed, Different Dreams (동상이몽, Dongsang-imong) is Chapter 16 of the Twelve Nights manhwa.


As the angry villagers find the "Crimson Moon," Yi Won, Yi Hwi, and Dan Ah escape the fiasco. At the end of a bridge, Yi Hwi pushes Yi Won and Dan Ah, falling down at the water, as he and tricks the villagers that he is the Crimson Moon by wearing a red cloak. Dan Ah gets home and her father tells her about the arranged marriage but she tells him that she does not agree to his decision because she loves someone else. She runs away from him after being slapped by his father and she is found by Yi Hwi at the place where she and Yi Won first met.


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  • The chapter's Korean title "동상이몽" is an expression used when two persons have different goals despite doing an identical work or being in a similar situation.[1]
    • "동" (同) means "the same", "상" (床) means "bed", "이" (異) means "different", and "몽" (夢) means "dream".[2]


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