Sorrow (애이불비, Aeibulbi) is Chapter 23 of the Twelve Nights manhwa.


In Physician Ma's place, Dan Ah insists to give her word of the whereabouts of Crimson Moon so that she can rest with ease. Physician Ma promises to tell her if there is news of him, but Crimson Moon is just inside, listening to their conversation. Outside, a guest arrives and talks with Physician Ma. He gives the latter the herbs he needs and recalls the horror of the condition of the provinces. Yi Hwi is deeply saddened by Dan Ah's feelings, stating that the more he tries to forget her, the more he longs for her. With this, he has decided to sacrifice his feelings for her in order to focus on his plan of saving the people.


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  • The chapter's Korean title "애이불비" particularly refers to the feeling of sorrow albeit not expressing such feeling.


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