Jang Rei and Rok Ha are reunited. Rok Ha intends to stir rebellion in Ga Guk and he wants Rei to be by his side when he is coronated as the next ruler of Seo Seo. He tries to persuade Rei to go back to Seo Seo but she is persistent in declining him. Rei is already due on her pregnancy but she does not want to give birth in front of her "enemy."

In Yoo Ja Gyeom's house, Dan Ah writes a farewell letter to Nabi and orders her nanny to send it to Yu Hyang Ru. Unfortunately, Ja Gyeom learns of the letter and reprimands Dan Ah to not go out of the house before she enters the palace. Meanwhile, Yi Hwi and the others who are wearing Crimson Moon masks, set out to meet with their business partner at Yu Hyang Ru by 1 a.m.

At Rei's quarters, she finally gives birth. A background about Seo Seo and Jang Rei's past is shown afterwards.


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