Yi Hwi and Yi Jeok visit the destroyed headquarters and notices a slipper. Picking it up, his bracelet falls. Yi Hwi tells Yi Jeok that, though he is nothing, the people trusted him as the Crimson Moon, but he could not protect them. Yi Jeok advises him to remember the lost people in his heart and to stand up back again.

At the Jin Hee Palace, Emperor Jin Won is infuriated because he ordered the Bi Yeong Pal Mu to eradicate the rebel army and not burn down Yu Hyang Ru. Yoo Ja Gyeom asserts that Yu Hyang Ru is the center of finance and contacts of the rebels, and Yi Won is concerned if Nabi was killed. Jin Won goes to the prison and does not find Nabi. He inadvertently finds the tortured ex-Left Minister and asks him where Nabi is. He then realizes that the one always pursuing for Nabi in Yu Hyang Ru was the emperor himself. He misleads the emperor into thinking that Nabi either quit her job and lives with her husband, or she was killed in the slaughter.

In the market streets, several different stories and rumors circulate. Sori asks Ma Mi Song if he regrets giving out the rebel army's location. He then admits that he does not regret and that accepting what happened is the only way to atone for the deaths he had caused.

Yoo Dan Ah, locked up in her room, asks her servant if she knows anything about Yi Won or Nabi. However, she is suddenly visited by Nabi and Dan Ah runs to her.

At the rebel army's interim headquarters, Seol Hwa is motionless and Yi Jeok apologizes to her repeatedly. Mu Jin breaks in and tells Yi Jeok that Yi Hwi left a note which shocked Yi Jeok. He then orders Baek Ho and Mu Jin to regroup and find a person without telling them what the letter is all about.

Nabi then dresses Dan Ah as a bridal candidate of the emperor. Yi Hwi, left with no choice, decides not to save himself.


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