Twisted (어그러지다, Eogeuleojida) is Chapter 6 of the Twelve Nights manhwa.


The chapter begins in the present day. Dan Ah wants to go back to Bi Hwa Rim to recover her memories when she was a child but has forgotten the place. Yi Hwi passes by her but tells her to leave. Incidentally, Dan Ah was able to get in Bi Hwa Rim. Because of the coup d'etat ten years ago, Bi Hwa Rim was forgotten even by the members of the Imperial Family, making it the current hideout of a rebel army. Baek Ho asserts Yi Hwi that the rebels are taking their training seriously and the weapon they need is the final step for their revolt. Meanwhile, Dan Ah is still wandering around Bi Hwa Rim when she hears someone singing the lullaby, only to find out that it was Yi Won. Yi Won reminisces his childhood at Bi Hwa Rim where he gets jealous of the attention given to his brother by their father but eventually he gets a compliment from his father.


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