Moon and Butterfly (달과 나비, Dalgwa Nabi) is Chapter 7 of the Twelve Nights manhwa.


At the Empress Dowager's Quarters, the head of Woo Chan Sung was sent to Yoon Yeon Lee by the Crimson Moon. Yoo Ja Gyeom discusses their plans in stopping the Crimson Moon but gets interrupted by Yeon Lee when she speaks of the rumors in the capital about the song attributed to the Crimson Moon. Yi Won arrives in the palace, singing the "foul song" and asks whether the Crimson Moon is Crown Prince Jin Yeon, which Ja Gyeom affirms to be somewhat true. He suddenly gets Baek Yoo Shin's sword and orders a servant to sing the song but she was reluctant at first but still sings it because of his threat of slitting her throat. Much of Yi Won's disappointment, he beheads her.

In the market streets of the capital, public notices are posted, stating for a reward for the wanted criminal. All those who are caught singing the song are executed on the spot, regardless of their ranks. Meanwhile, Yi Hwi, who is then disguised as Nabi, and Yi Jeok plan on retrieving the compact.


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