Evening Primrose (달맞이꽃, Dalmaj-ikkoch) is Chapter 9 of the Twelve Nights manhwa.


The flashback continues from twenty-one years ago. After the death of Sa Baek Hwa's father, Baek Hwa and the rest of her family are put to jail. Her mother hanged herself due to depression. When Baek Hwa and her brother are locked up in a cell at the streets, they are being thrown by rocks. Seon Woo Seo In tries to approach Baek Hwa but Baek Hwa removes her engagement ring and gets crushed by a moving cart. Ten years have passed, Baek Hwa and her brother, who are in exile, set out to gather evidence to receive pardon and prove their father's innocence, but from afar, Yi Sae Gi, Emperor Jin Hyul's half-brother plots something malicious towards Baek Hwa. Baek Hwa's brother hits Sae Gi with a wood stick and tries to save his sister but gets hit too by him. Baek Hwa begs to spare their lives if they do anything Sae Gi wants. Sae Gi then tells them that whoever stabs the other person "wins." Baek Hwa's brother immediately stabs his sister and throws out her body in the forest. Fortunately, Baek Hwa still lived after her injury. Three years later, during the twelfth year of Emperor Jin Hyul's rule, Baek Hwa changes her name into 'Wol Young Hwa' who is now the most famous gisaeng in the capital. During her work as a gisaeng, Wol Young Hwa reunites with the teary-eyed Seon Woo Seo In.


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