This page contains a list of characters, major and minor, appearing in the Twelve Nights manhwa by Muryui.

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Main CharactersEdit

Imperial Family of Ga GukEdit

Jin Hee PalaceEdit

Concubine mug
Jang Rei's servant mug
Hyun Bin's Servant
Head servant
Palace Head Servant
Palace Servant 2 mug
Palace Servant
Palace Servant 1 mug
Palace Servant

Ministers of Ga GukEdit

Sa Hwa Hyeon mug
Sa Hwa Hyeon

Bi Yeong Pal MuEdit

Bi Yeong Ship MuEdit

Deung Ha Bul MyungEdit

Yu Hyang RuEdit

Gisaeng 1 mug
Gisaeng 2 mug
Gisaeng servant mug
Gisaeng Servant
Yu Hyang Ru servant mug
Yu Hyang Ru Servant

Yoo HouseholdEdit

Dalleng mug
Dan Ah servant 2 mug
Dan Ah servant 3 mug
Dan Ah servant mug
Dan Ah's Nanny mug

Ga Guk CitizensEdit

Coroner mug
Dongyi mug
Gamemaster mug
Guards mug
Imperial Army member mug
Imperial Army Officer
Market Guard mug
Market Guard
Nam Hang Yeon's assistant 1 mug
Nam Yang Heon's Servant
Nam Hang Yeon's assistant 2 mug
Nam Yang Heon's Servant
Baek Hwa's Mom mug
Sa Baek Hwa's Mother
Bracelet girl mug
Unnamed Girl

Imperial Family of Seo SeoEdit

First Prince mug
First Prince
First Princess mug
First Princess
First Wife mug
Jang Ryun's First Wife
Second Wife mug
Jang Ryun's Second Wife
Third Wife mug
Jang Ryun's Third Wife
Second Princess mug
Second Princess

Servants of Seo SeoEdit

Residents of Ja EuiEdit

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