Chung 2

Debut Chapter 14
Gender Male
Hair Taupe
Eyes Sapphire
Brother Woon

Chung is a boy from the slums and the elder brother of Woon.


One day, Chung goes to the market streets of Hyang Ju and sees Yi Won with some medicine he is supposed to give Nabi. He then dashes to him and snatches the medicine away, with Yi Won following him until they arrive at the Shadow Village. He then plans to give the medicine to his sick brother Woon but Yi Won stops him. Chung resists to give the medicine to Yi Won and gives some water to his brother.[1] After Chung sees Yi Won, he points out that he is the Crimson Moon because of his red hair. Yi Won overhears the two and asks Woon if he admires the Crimson Moon. Woon eagerly answers that the Crimson Moon is the true emperor and, that for people like them living in darkness, the moon is their light and do not need the sun. He also wished that the current emperor would disappear. Insulting Yi Won, he calls for Baek Ryung to summon the Imperial Army to raid the village. During the raid, Chung fights with Yi Won who lifts Woon on the neck. He bites Yi Won's leg but the latter kicks him out, with Yoo Dan Ah and Hong witnessing him. He angrily insists Yi Won to release his brother; he then throws a stone on Yi Won's face. With Yi Hwi's help, his brother is released and he shouts at the people that the Crimson Moon is nearby.[2] He reiterates that Yi Won is the Crimson Moon because of his red hair and constantly calls for the angry villagers' help.[3]

In Physician Ma's clinic, Chung cleans the house with Woon and reprimands his brother for being naughty. Later after Sori arrives and tells of the horror in the provinces, his brother exclaims that the Crimson Moon will save the people, much to his surprise.[4]

Chung is with his brother Woon buying ingredients for Sori. They notice a commotion on the market and inquire about it. A market guard tells them the government has offered a bounty of one million won and is looking for a man with a huge scar on his back, giving reason to believe that they are searching for the recently-wounded Crimson Moon.[5]


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