Gwak Ji Ryeon

Ji Ryeon

Titles General of Seo Seo
Guard of Hyun Bin
Age 32 years old
Debut Chapter 20
Gender Male
Hair Blond
Eyes Gold

Gwak Ji Ryeon is the General of Seo Seo and the personal bodyguard of Hyun Bin.


One night, Gwak Ji Ryeon visits Jang Rei and informs her about his daily report regarding Yi Won's usual excursions: visiting gambling and gisaeng houses. However, he notices that he has been frequently seen with a young maiden recently who turns out to be Yoo Ja Gyeom's daughter, Yoo Dan Ah. He adds that they seem to not know each other's identities yet. She then implies to have her assassinated by some assassins from Nam Hyeon, much to his surprise. The next day, he accompanies Hyun Bin to the palace to meet Emperor Jin Won. She thanks him for giving the Bi Yeong Pal Mu as an escort and decides to lend her bodyguard as a substitute for the Bi Yeong Pal Mu.[1]

On the road from Hwa Gwi Cheon, Gwak Ji Ryeon appears in the assassination of the men from Nam Hyeon on Dan Ah's life. He protects Yi Won and advises him to run away, but gives a signal to the men to assassinate Dan Ah, but witnesses the Crimson Moon arrive, much to his curiosity and disappointment.[2]

Baek Yoo Shin interrogation

Gwak Ji Ryeon being interrogated by Baek Yoo Shin

Gwak Ji Ryeon is summoned secretly by Bi Yeong Pal Mu captain Baek Yoo Shin to the Jin Hee Palace training grounds for an interrogation. The captain does not believe his claims that he was the one who single-handedly killed the assassins on the night the emperor was attacked. However, Ji Ryeon insists he really did kill the ones behind the attack, making Yoo Shin much more suspicious. For the last time, the captain asks what really happened that night; Ji Ryeon continues to divulge no truth as it was Jang Rei who was actually behind the incident. Hence, he just tells Yoo Shin that he was helped by the Crimson Moon that night. Yoo Shin asks him why the Crimson Moon would help him in this endeavor, which also perplexes Ji Ryeon. He believes the emperor was a mere citizen who needed help or believes that he wanted to save Dan Ah. He adds that the Crimson Moon received a deep wound on his back during the encounter, giving Yoo Shin an important hint.[3]


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