Hwang Se Hyung

Hwang Se Hyung

Title Left Minister of Ga Guk
Debut Chapter 2
Gender Male
Hair White/Black
Eyes Light Brown
Issue Hwang Se Ryeon

Hwang Se Hyung is the current Left Minister of Ga Guk. He succeeded Seon Woo Seo In after being imprisoned.


He has black-and-white hair rolled to a bun with a red tie, grey eyes, and a moustache.


Yoon Yeon Lee once said that he is contented with the power he has as the newly-appointed Left Minister.[1]


According to one minister, Minister Hwang caught the ring leaders of the rebels who confessed the truth about the banquet, unable to endure the torture they have received. However, it is implied that he is not yet able to discover their hideout.[1]


One court session, Emperor Jin Won asks the Prime Minister whether he knows "Nabi". The Prime Minister replies if he meant a butterfly, since nabi means butterfly. Minister Hwang enlightens the emperor if he rather meant Nabi, a young gisaeng from Yu Hyang Ru. Upon realizing his luck, the emperor immediately goes out of the courtroom to find Nabi.[2]

He is present in the Banquet Hall at the Jin Hee Palace where he and another minister listen at the compliments at Yoo Ja Gyeom. He becomes insecure and seemingly jealous of this, but his co-minister told him not to worry since the empress dowager personally recommended his daughter Se Ryeon as a bridal candidate and stands a greater chance of being the emperor's bride. He also asks Minister Hwang to divert his attention to Hyun Bin after the emperor personally chose her, instead of worrying about the Prime Minister's daughter Yoo Dan Ah who is said to be sickly and scandalous.[1]


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