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[[File:Hwang Se Ryeon.png|200px]]
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! Title
! Title
{{!}} Bridal Candidate
{{!}} Bridal candidate
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Hwang Se Ryeon

Se Ryeon

Title Bridal candidate
Debut Chapter 46
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Onyx
Father Hwang Se Hyung

Hwang Se Ryeon is the daughter of Hwang Se Hyung.[1]


She has long brown hair that reaches her feet tied in a big red ribbon. There are small creases under her large onyx eyes. As the daughter of the newly-appointed Left Minister, Se Ryeon dresses in a brightly-colored hanbok.


She appears to be quiet, speaking only when it is necessary.


Se Ryeon is introduced as one of the candidates for the bridal selections, personally recommended by Yoon Yeon Lee.[1][2] She is present in the Banquet Hall.


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