The Imperial Family of Ga Guk is the household of the current governing monarch in the nation of Ga Guk. The current head of the imperial family is Emperor Jin Won who succeeded his father Emperor Jin Hyul.


Portrait Name Title Marriages Issue
Jin Hyul Jin Hyul 12th Emperor of Ga Guk (1) Yoon Yeon Lee
(2) Ahn Young
(1) Jin Won
(2) Jin Yeon
Yi Won 31 Jin Won 13th Emperor of Ga Guk Hyun Bin Unnamed prince
Yoon Yeon Lee 1 Yoon Yeon Lee Empress Dowager of Ga Guk Jin Hyul Jin Won
Hyun Bin 2 Hyun Bin Consort of Ga Guk Jin Won Unnamed prince
Queen Ahn Young 1 Ahn Young Empress Consort of Ga Guk Jin Hyul Jin Yeon
Yi Hwi 4 Jin Yeon
(presumed dead)
Crown Prince of Ga Guk Unmarried No issue
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