Jang Ryun

Jang Ryun

Title 32nd Emperor of Seo Seo
Debut Chapter 42
Gender Male
Spouses First Wife
Second Wife
Third Wife
Yeong Bi
Issue First Princess of Seo Seo
First Prince of Seo Seo
Second Princess of Seo Seo
Jang Rei

Jang Ryun was the 32nd Emperor of Seo Seo.


Jang Ryun wives

Jang Ryun with his three wives

He was said to be a wise yet weak ruler. He had three wives. His empress consort gave him one prince and two princesses. Since both of his mistresses did not give birth, it was evident that the empress's firstborn son would inherit the throne. But one day, at the emperor's side, upon his return from a year-long inspection of the country, a beautiful woman stood holding a child and her arrival began to change the dynamics of the imperial palace. Despite rampant criticism, Emperor Jang Ryun fell in even deeper love with Yeong Bi. Naturally, his affections were directed towards her daughter, Rei, which incited the jealousy and bitterness of his other children. Furthermore, as Rei's wit and intelligence became more brilliant as she grew older, the emperor, who was displeased with his other greedy and obtuse children, came to favor her over the others even more.[1]

One year after his daughter Jang Rei and then-Crown Prince Yi Won first met, Jang Ryun passed away at the age of fifty-two. During the reign of his son, Jang Ryun's will is read and tells that the territory from east Seo Seo to Se Han is to be granted to Jang Rei as an inheritance, much to the chagrin of the current emperor. Because of Jang Ryun's death, his three elder children plot to kill Jang Rei which they think is easier since he is already gone in her presence to protect her and his lover. Yeong Bi, on the other hand, immediately followed Jang Ryun's death because of the First Princess's poisoning of Yeong Bi's drinks everyday.[2]


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