Jin Hee Palace (진희궁전, Jin Hui Gungjeon) is the official residence of the Monarch of Ga Guk and its Imperial Family.


Image Description
Palace A view of the palace.
Hyun Moo Gate Hyun Moo Gate
The northern doors of the palace.
Throne Hall Throne Hall
This is where the emperor of Ga Guk and his ministers discuss the political, economic, and sociocultural affairs of the state.
Training Grounds Training Grounds
It can be implied that this is where the imperial army of Ga Guk and the imperial guard of the emperor come to practice and prepare for battle.
Prison Prison
This is where prisoners, especially those who are considered enemies of the government, are locked up most probably until their execution.
Empress dowager's quarters Empress Dowager's Quarters
The official residence of Yoon Yeon Lee.
Hyun Bin's Quarters Hyun Bin's Quarters
The official residence of Hyun Bin.
Chamber of Eternal Life Chamber of Eternal Life
This is where the portraits of the emperors of Ga Guk are sealed away.
Bathhouse Bathhouse
This is where the emperor takes his bath in private where even his personal guard cannot enter without permission.
Library Emperor's Library
This is considered to be the emperor's unofficial office where he can also meet and talk with his guests in private. This is where his documents are kept.
Bridal quarters Bridal Quarters
The collective residence of the three bridal candidates Yoo Dan Ah, Hyun Bin, and Hwang Se Ryeon during their stay in the Jin Hee Palace.
Dan Ah's quarters Yoo Dan Ah's quarters
A portion of the bridal quarters, this is the residence of Yoo Dan Ah.
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