Kim Hak Gyu

Kim Hak Gyu

Title Secretary of Treasury
Debut Chapter 2
Gender Male
Hair Bald
Eyes Grey

Kim Hak Gyu is the Secretary of Treasury of Ga Guk.


During one of the court meetings in the palace, Kim Hak Gyu suggests to the absent-minded Emperor Jin Won to expand their budget allotted to the military so that in order to prevent even more damage in their latest battle, it is essential that the army be reinforced, which has displaced hundreds of refugees, supplying aid to victims. However, he is stopped by Yoo Ja Gyeom as Emperor Jin Won asks them if they know "Nabi." It can be implied that he resents the existence of the slums in Ga Guk.[1]

At the Prime Minister's residence, the Minister attends a party alongside Wi Ji Hyun, the Secretary of Defense, as Nabi inspects him from afar, thinking that his name was not in the compact.[2]


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