Nabi is a beautiful gisaeng who has captivated the hearts of many men. Throughout the series, she has worn numerous outfits.


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NDress 1 Chapter 1
Nabi's hanbok in the introductory chapter consists of a red-and-beige chima jeogori and a dark jade baeja with gold linings. Her red chima flows from her white belt with black strings to her feet.
NDress 2 Chapter 2
Nabi wears a complex, bright, multi-colored jeogori including blue-grey, bright yellow with yellow-green floral designs, chestnut with floral designs, and purple. Her blue-grey chima flows from her waist down to her feet. She then dons a red po with faint radial designs on it.
NDress 7 Chapter 7
Nabi's hanbok in her official introduction consists of a dark magenta jeogori with floral designs (specifically roses) with lavender and white linings tied to a ribbon on her right. Down to her lower torso, she wears a white waist belt with lavender ribbons where a green norigae is attached. It is tied to a six-loop design collected in a yellow crystal in the center then a gold ornament pasted on the middle part of the accessory. Her chartreuse-colored chima contains a slit-like opening in the middle, showing a white continuation of the skirt. She then dons her similar red po shown in the previous outfit.
NDress 18 Chapter 18
Nabi wears a lavender-blue jeogori with white linings with a lavender ribbon tied to her white waist belt where a a light blue norigae is hung consisting of a silver ornament with a red crystal in the center. She also wears a lavender chima with a slit in the middle paving way for a white continuation of the chima. She dons a purple-grey durumagi with faint designs above her chima jeogori before she wears her red po.
NDress 21 Chapter 21
Nabi wears a white jeogori with red watercolor-like smudges of flowers on her left side with a white waist belt with black linings. A light blue norigae similar to her norigae in Chapter 7 hangs on her waist belt. She wears an indigo-colored chima with nature-themed designs with a white slit-like cloth in the middle flowing to her feet. She then dons a red po with dark crimson silk-like linings.
NDress 24
NDress 29
NDress 31


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NGeneric headdress
NHeaddress 18
NHeaddress 31


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NFootwear 1
NFootwear 7


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NAccessory 1
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