Nabi is a beautiful gisaeng who has captivated the hearts of many men. Throughout the series, she has worn numerous outfits.


Image Description
NDress 1 Chapter 1
Nabi's hanbok in the introductory chapter consists of a red-and-beige chima jeogori and a dark jade baeja with gold linings. Her red chima flows from her white belt with black strings to her feet.
NDress 2 Chapter 2
Nabi wears a complex, bright, multi-colored jeogori including blue-grey, bright yellow with yellow-green floral designs, chestnut with floral designs, and purple. Her blue-grey chima flows from her waist down to her feet. She then dons a red po with faint radial designs on it.
NDress 7 Chapter 7
Nabi's hanbok in her official introduction consists of a dark magenta jeogori with floral designs (specifically roses) with lavender and white linings tied to a ribbon on her right. Down to her lower torso, she wears a white waist belt with lavender ribbons where a green norigae is attached. It is tied to a six-loop design collected in a yellow crystal in the center then a gold ornament pasted on the middle part of the accessory. Her chartreuse-colored chima contains a slit-like opening in the middle, showing a white continuation of the skirt. She then dons her similar red po shown in the previous outfit.
NDress 18 Chapter 18
Nabi wears a lavender-blue jeogori with white linings with a lavender ribbon tied to her white waist belt where a a light blue norigae is hung consisting of a silver ornament with a red crystal in the center. She also wears a lavender chima with a slit in the middle paving way for a white continuation of the chima. She dons a purple-grey durumagi with faint designs above her chima jeogori before she wears her red po.
NDress 21 Chapter 21
Nabi wears a white jeogori with red watercolor-like smudges of flowers on her left side with a white waist belt with black linings. A light blue norigae similar to her norigae in Chapter 7 hangs on her waist belt. She wears an indigo-colored chima with nature-themed designs with a white slit-like cloth in the middle flowing to her feet. She then dons a red po with dark crimson silk-like linings.
NDress 24 Chapter 24
Nabi's hanbok in this chapter consists of a lime jeogori with white linings on the shirt while the sleeves are white and the linings are lime. She has a white waist belt with maroon strings where a similar light blue norigae from the previous outfit hangs. On top of her jeogori, she wears a red baeja with light gold linings in the openings. She wears a violet chima with a slit in the middle having white linings. Underneath her chima, she wears a translucent purple skirt with faint pink markings.
NDress 29 Chapter 29
Nabi wears a multi-colored jeogori consisting the colors of lime, dark brown with very faint designs, and beige. She then wears a plain jade chima with a mid-slit opening, having white linings in the chima's both openings. On her chima hangs a magenta norigae having a flower ornament on a loophole. She then dons her red po above her chima jeogori.
NDress 31 Chapter 31
Nabi's hanbok in this chapter is alike to her previous outfit especially the jeogori. However, there are variations on the bottom part. She now wears a dark teal chima with distinct zigzag-like patterns where a pair of norigae now hangs. One norigae has a mixture of magenta and fuchsia colors with a white flower ornament tied to a loophole; the other norigae is light blue in color and has a square ornament tied to a loop. She still wears her red po.


Image Description
NGeneric headdress 2 Generic Headdress
(Nabi's left side)

Nabi has a generic headdress which she uses to half-tie her hair. On her left side which is often seen more when she faces the viewer, it is a hair tie with a large butterfly as the ornament. The wings of the butterfly are silver while there are beads on the body of the ornament which are turquoise in color. Hanging from the ornament are two dangling-like strings; the longer string consists of diamond-shaped beads collected in a string, while the shorter string is a simple silver strand containing at least five beads that reach the tip which resembles an hourglass.
NGeneric headdress Generic Headdress
(Nabi's right side)

On Nabi's right which is less seen often, her generic hair tie continues to a large silver holed flower-like ornament resembling a Greek cross. In the center of the ornament is a small red round crystal. Attached on each end of the arms is a small loop-like round tip, but there are at least three beads attached to the tip of the south-pointing arm of the ornament.
NHeaddress 18 Chapter 18
During her excursions outside Yu Hyang Ru, Nabi occasionally wears a jeonmo alongside her hanbok. Nabi's jeonmo in this chapter consists of a bamboo frame with a violet translucent veil having green and white floral designs. She then ties the hat to her chin with a red ribbon. Her jeonmo is seen positioned on her left side.
NHeaddress 21 Chapter 21
Nabi's jeonmo in this chapter is an indigo-framed hat with a translucent veil with cool colors forming leaflike designs reaching up to her elbow. This is then tied to her chin with a silk-like ribbon with a mixture of lavender and purple colors. Her jeonmo is seen positioned on her left side.
NHeaddress 31 Chapter 31
Nabi wears a jeonmo which is alike to her jeonmo in Chapter 18, though there are some variations. Her veil has the same violet translucence, but the designs are now complex and more colorful. Also, her ribbon is now dark teal in color. She positioned her jeonmo on her right side.


Image Description
NFootwear 1 Chapter 1
Though often obscured, Nabi is seen a few times with a pair of unhye over her beoseon. In the first chapter, her unhye is mostly red with the cap colored black with some red designs. There are also black and white linings on the main body of the shoes.
NFootwear 7 Chapter 7
In her official introduction, Nabi's footwear is a red unhye with black cap. On the right portion of the cap is a design of a white flower. There are also white linings on the body of the shoes, and the sole is also white. Her unhye are worn over a pair of beoseon.


Image Description
NAccessory 1 Chapter 1
Nabi has a standard fan with a design of a smudged butterfly on the frame. Fading from the right, there are faint floral patterns, and on the tip of the fan are two strands of gold strings with a flower ornament-like shape.
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