Nam Yang Heon

Nam Yang Heon

Debut Chapter 1
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown

Nam Yang Heon is the eldest son of the Nam family.


Nam Yang Heon market

A heavily-bandaged Yang Heon

During the day of the first full moon, Nam Yang Heon and his subordinates go to Ju Wah Ae Rim to have some good time. Unfortunately, he is caught in a commotion with Yoo Dan Ah who is disguised as a man for accidentally tainting his outfit. He was about to slap Dan Ah but she screams, later finding out that she is a girl. He then abducts her as absolution for what she did to him. Upon carrying a persistent Dan Ah, he is thrown at the head by Nabi's fan. She then tells him that he is quite bright and is held in high esteem amongst the people, but she asserts that those rumors are exaggerated, comparing him to a bug. Irritated and humiliated, he slaps her and orders his subordinates to kill her, including Yi Won and Dan Ah. However, Yi Won single-handedly beats him up, leaving him unconscious on the ground, while Nabi and Dan Ah escape.[1]

At the market streets, he is seen in bandages and surprises Dan Ah when she and Yi Won were looking at Hong's painting. She then calls back for Yi Won, but he disregards her. He then asks her what they could do since Yi Won is busy. Helped by Yi Hwi to hide, Dan Ah cannot be found by Yang Heon and continues to search for her throughout the place.[2]


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