Sori 4

Debut Chapter 23
Gender Male
Hair Orange
Eyes Amber

Sori is a young man who serves Ma Mi Song.


Sori was once saved by Physician Ma after eating a poisonous plant, saying that his home is where Physician Ma is. He then runs errands for him such as buying him medicine. It can be implied that he has known Yoo Dan Ah for a long time since he knows that she is the daughter of the Prime Minister.[1]


Sori arrives at Physician Ma's clinic with a bag of herbs from Nam Hyeon and tells him that many people have not survived and died because of the cold winter. Woon exclaims that the Crimson Moon will save the people and happily sings the Crimson Moon song. Upon seeing the physician is making medicine for a patient, Sori panics that the patient might have heard him, worrying for his life.[1]

It is implied that he instructed Chung and Woon to buy ingredients for him; he also tells them to return quickly.[2]

In charge of Physician Ma's clinic temporarily, Sori gives Dan Ah her medicine and instructs her to rest. He informs her that Chung, Woon, and Physician Ma are currently at Moon's End Village tending to the plague-stricken land. She volunteers to help them, but he does not allow her. In return, he gratefully receives money from Dan Ah as a form of donation. Sori tells her she does not need to give any more money, since the Crimson Moon appeared at Moon's End Village and left a generous supply of grain and medicine.[3]


  • "Come on. It's not like I have a home to go back to." (To Physician Ma)[1]
  • "No matter where you go, the nightmare continues."[1]


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