Twelve Nights manhwa cover

Twelve Nights (십이야, Sib-iya) is a manhwa authored and illustrated by Muryui which was released in 2012. It is loosely based from William Shakespeare's comedy Twelfth Night.

Set in a fictional Korean world, it follows the story of Yi Hwi, the former Crown Prince of Ga Guk, who becomes a rebel as well as a famous painter who hides his identity under the name "Hong" after ten years. He falls in love with Yoo Dan Ah, the daughter of the Prime Minister, ever since they were children. However, Dan Ah is in love with Yi Won, the current emperor of Ga Guk, for assuming him as the one whom she met at Bi Hwa Rim ten years ago and since Yi Won also knows the song Butterfly which Yi Hwi actually sung for her. On the other hand, Yi Won is obsessed with Nabi, a young gisaeng who is a disguise by Yi Hwi, his half-brother.

This manhwa focuses on the love triangle between Yi Hwi, Dan Ah, and Yi Won, whose fates intertwine as they are compelled by the desires of their families as well as of their own.

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