Yi Hwi is the main protagonist of the Twelve Nights manhwa. Driven away from the palace, he now lives among the lower class civilians. Throughout the series, he has worn many outfits of the same style but differed in the color scheme.


Image Description
YOutfit 0.1 Chapter 0.1
In the prologue, Yi Hwi wears a cream jeogori with white hemline whose arms are collected in black vambraces with dark blue ribbon-like edges. He also wears a pair of cream baji which are also tucked in vambraces resembling his arm vambraces. He tops them off with a plum joki with blue radial-patterned linings. On his upper waist is a dark blue ribbon which serves as his belt.

YOutfit 6

YOutfit 17

Chapter 6 & Chapter 17
Yi Hwi's outfit consists of a beige jeogori with white linings in the hemline wherein the arms of the shirt are tucked in a pair of black vambraces with light green linings at the ends and ribboned at the top. He dons a black joki with very dark grayish cyan-lime green linings reaching until his upper femur which he ties into a ribbon as its belt. Underneath the vest, he wears a pair of beige baji, tucked in vambraces resembling his arm vambraces.

YOutfit 10

YOutfit 31

YOutfit 42

Chapter 10, Chapter 31, & Chapter 42
Yi Hwi's outfit consists of a dark brown jeogori with white linings and dark brown baji all tucked into black vambraces with light brown linings. He tops them off with a reddish-black joki with light brown linings.
YOutfit 22 Chapter 22
Yi Hwi wears a beige jeogori with white linings and matching beige baji tucked into dark crimson vambraces with gold linings. He tops them off with a dark crimson joki having very faint radial designs with gold linings at the edges.
YOutfit 27 Chapter 27
Yi Hwi's outfit consists of cream-colored jeogori and baji all tucked into dark green vambraces with black linings. He also wears a black belt which he ties into his upper waist. He then dons a light green joki with radial designs and gold linings.
YOutfit 36 Chapter 36
Yi Hwi wears cream jeogori with white hemline linings whose arms are tucked into dark jade vambraces having gold linings. He wears a pair of cream baji tucked in similiar vambraces underneath a plum joki with silver linings.
YOutfit 41 Chapter 41
Yi Hwi's outfit consists of a cream jeogori with white linings and cream baji as well. He tops his outfit with a taupe joki having lime linings and faint radial patterns. His baji is tucked into dark red vambraces with lime linings.


Image Description
YGeneric accessory Red Ponytail
Yi Hwi has long teal hair which he keeps roughly tied with a ponytail. His ponytail is thick and red though it is rarely seen.


Image Description
YGeneric footwear Generic Sandals
Throughout the series, Yi Hwi is seen wearing a generic pair of jipsin sandals which he wears after wearing a pair of ankle-high white beoseon.


Image Description
YAccessory 17 2 Bracelet
Yi Hwi wears a red bracelet on his right hand. His bracelet was given to him by a young girl in the Deung Ha Bul Myung which is believed to make wishes come true.
YAccessory 17 Waist Bag
Yi Hwi wears a brown waist bag which he positions on his left. He keeps his art materials such as paint and brushes inside.
YAccessory 40 Artwork Capsule
Yi Hwi carries with him a wooden capsule which holds his rolled paintings whenever he travels to deliver to his clients. It has three symmetrical red strings attached and two white ribbons connected to his shoulders.
Crimson Moon mask Crimson Moon Mask
Whenever he disguises as Crimson Moon, his most notable feature is his red mask which probably earned him his name. Some members of the rebel army are also shown to wear this mask.
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